About Us

Primarily based in the Consumer Electronics / Wireless Industry, ATDX’s core focus is a solutions based business.  We have extensive international experience and specialize in providing operational and product solutions to our customer base.

ATDX’s primary functions are based around Reverse Logistics, Component Level Repair, Re-manufacturing, LCM Reclamation, Provisioning and Complete Fulfillment Services.  We understand that exceptional performance means our customers can accomplish more. With every device / unit shipped or supported, we are delivering on a promise to our customers: your success is our business.

Please take a moment to discover how we may assist you in solving your supply chain, reverse logistics, or product issues.

We recently launched our online store.  We will be launching an independent full ECommerce site in the near future, however, until then, please visit our EBay store and as always, let us know if you have any specific needs we can assist with.